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Let's talk about Mental Health! Our mission is to change the perceptions of mental health for those working in the medical sector and to develop bespoke mental health support for doctors. We are committed to developing a body of research that supports evaluated the effect of the varying work environments on doctors’ mental health with a hope to change perceptions and breaks taboo. Welcome to our podcast. We hope you enjoy the range of topics and open discussions about doctors mental and physical wellbeing. You Okay, Doc? is a charity supporting the mental health and wellbeing of doctors. As a charity, we need your help to keep going and develop to support and raise awareness of mental health for Doctors. Please check out our website and our Instagram page to find out more and stay up to date with us. If you would like, you can also text donate to support the You Okay, Doc? charity by texting. To donate £3 text 'DOCTOR' to 70331, or to donate £5 text 'DOCTOR' to 70970. Thank you for listening and we look forward to creating more content.

Recent Episodes

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