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'What I Wish I Learned At Medical School' - The Hidden Mental Health Curriculum

July 22, 2021 You Okay, Doc?
The YOD Pod
'What I Wish I Learned At Medical School' - The Hidden Mental Health Curriculum
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to this week's YOD pod! 

We are so pleased to host two of our new YOD ambassadors in this week's episode; Dr Ally Jaffee who will be starting as an FY1 in August and Dr Charlie Carey, who is just about to finish his first year as an academic doctor. Hosted by our brilliant YOD Psychotherapist & Co-Founder, Chris Cherry.

In this inspirational episode, we explore: 

  • What they wished they learned at Medical School about looking after their mental health & wellbeing in the medical profession 
  • Why doctors' mental health suffers 
  • The importance of talking about and sharing experiences amongst doctors 
  • Their vision for future generations of Medical Students - and how YOD is driving that forwards 
  • The need to turn moments, like the NHS clapping, into purposeful movements 
  • Why they chose to be YOD Ambassadors & how YOD is helping improve doctors' lives

A huge thank you to Dr Ally and Dr Charlie for such an honest and insightful talk which we are sure will help all those listening know that it's okay not to be okay and Team YOD are here to support every medic every step of the way. We are very proud to call you our Ambassadors.

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 It is worth noting that this is a conversational piece and the opinions and views are of those in this discussion in its own context at that time of the recording. You Okay, Doc? is a charity supporting the mental health and wellbeing of doctors.  As a charity, we need your help to keep going and develop to support and raise awareness of mental health for Doctors.  Please check out our website and our Instagram page to find out more and stay up to date with us.  If you would like, you can also text donate to support the You Okay, Doc? charity by texting.  To donate £3 text 'DOCTOR' to 70331,  or to donate £5 text 'DOCTOR' to 70970.  Thank you for listening and we look forward to creating more content.   See you on the next YOD pod!