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Doctors' Mental Health in the USA - Our Journey: Ft. J Corey Feist

February 09, 2022 You Okay, Doc? Season 4 Episode 6
The YOD Pod
Doctors' Mental Health in the USA - Our Journey: Ft. J Corey Feist
Show Notes

We were privileged to host the inspirational J Corey Feist from all the way over in the USA. In loving memory of his sister-in law, New York doctor, Dr Lorna Breen.

J. Corey Feist is:  

  • Founder of the Dr Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation
  • Recent CEO of the University of Virginia Physicians Group
  • Teacher of the course 'Managing in a Pandemic: The challenge of Covid-19'
  • A lawyer and MBA holder 

We explore: 

  • The deeply sad story of Dr Lorna Breen, a New York physician, who tragically died by suicide in 2020. She had no prior mental health issues & no history of depression or suicide. 
  • Before her death, she spoke strongly about the intense shame and fear of stigma of being unable to cope with workplace pandemic demands, her fear of losing her licence because of getting mental health support & the loss of identity because of this. 
  • Out of the sadness, Lorna's sister & husband, our inspirational podcast guest - J. Corey Feist - decided to make a change for other healthcare workers - and founded the Dr Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation. 
  • They have made huge progress including creating the 'The Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act' which passed the US Senate and the House of Representatives in 2021 which aims to reduce and prevent suicide and mental health problems among healthcare professionals.
  • We compare doctors' mental health in the US  &the UK - to take learnings from each other about the practical steps needed to make positive change. 
  • Amongst other solutions was a clear passion for peer support to stop institutionalised stigma - noting the difference that each one of us can make to our colleague's wellbeing. 

Both of our organisations were founded on tragedy - from which we have sought to create light for others. 

This podcast was:

  • Hosted by YOD CEO & co-founder, Dr Dan Gearon & YOD Psychotherapist, Chris Cherry 
  • Sponsored by #FirstRespondersFirst - who we are privileged to partner with to support doctors' mental health globally. 


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