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Surviving to Thriving - How I overcame mental health stigma to seek support: Ft. Dr Stephanie Slater

May 16, 2022 You Okay, Doc? Season 4 Episode 9
The YOD Pod
Surviving to Thriving - How I overcame mental health stigma to seek support: Ft. Dr Stephanie Slater
Show Notes

In this episode, we had the privilege of speaking to YOD Ambassador, Dr Stephanie Slater. 

We explore: 

  • Dr Stephanie's inspirational and honest account of her personal battle with depression & anxiety  - and how she transitioned from surviving to thriving 
  • Overcoming stigma about anti-depressants and practical advice about what to expect
  • Celebrating Dr Alex George's 'Post The Pill' campaign to break down antidepressant stigma 
  • The huge value of therapy and her experience of talking therapy and CBT therapy 
  • The importance of being curious about yourself  - why you act and think the way you do - to help yourself grow and face situations better mentally equipped - as well as understanding how others act and think the way they do
  • The immeasurable damage of stigma & shame - as a doctor and beyond
  • The huge benefits of growing from adversity - including the ability to better connect and empathise as doctors with our patients
  • The need to accept that life isn't perfect..and that's okay!
  • The mental health 'must haves' in her personal routine

    ...& so much more!

During the show, Dr Stephanie recommended the following that helped her:

  • 'Attached' book by Dr Amir Levine
  • 'When Things Fall Apart' book by Pema Chodron
  • 'Lost Connections' book by Johann Hari
  • Brene Brown Ted Talk on 'The Power of Vulnerability'

Team YOD feel so privileged, educated and enriched by this conversation and we know you all will too. Thank you Dr Stephanie. We are proud  to call you our YOD Ambassador! 

This podcast was:

  • Hosted by YOD CEO, Dr Daniel Gearon and YOD Chief Psychotherapist, Chris Cherry
  • Sponsored by #FirstRespondersFirst, an initiative of Thrive Global, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the CAA Foundation.  We are proud to partner with them to support doctors globally.


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