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Presenteeism, doing your best & how to stay mentally well in medicine with Prof Nick Glozier

April 05, 2022 You Okay, Doc? Season 4 Episode 7
The YOD Pod
Presenteeism, doing your best & how to stay mentally well in medicine with Prof Nick Glozier
Show Notes

In this episode Chris Cherry & Dr Katrina Sheikh are joined by Professor Nick Glozier. Nick is  a consultant psychiatrist specialising in epidemiology, trials and health services research. He has a research interests in public mental health, function, sleep, the workplace, stress, disability and discrimination in our changing psychosocial and technological environments. In thirteen years since arriving in Australia he has been awarded over $60 million in nationally competitive grants as a Chief Investigator, and is a theme leader in the new ARC Life Course Centre of Excellence

This episode covers:

👉 Bullying at work
👉 Presenteeism in the medical profession 
👉 Sick days as a doctor 
👉 Consequences of graduate medical schools on mental health 
👉 The traits of a doctor
👉 Grumpy worker effect 
👉 Decline in Mental ill health and the rise in mental health awareness 
👉 The systemic changes required to support doctors mental health 
👉 NGO's focus - what's your sphere of influence? 


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It is worth noting that this is a conversational piece and the opinions and views are of those in this discussion in its own context at that time of the recording. You Okay, Doc? is a charity supporting the mental health and wellbeing of doctors.  Throughout our podcasts, we discuss issues affecting physical, emotional and mental wellbeing that at times some may find upsetting, if you find yourself affected by these please seek professional help.

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