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Our Mental Health - Post Pandemic: Ft. the CEO of Mind charity, Paul Farmer

February 01, 2022 You Okay, Doc? Season 4 Episode 5
The YOD Pod
Our Mental Health - Post Pandemic: Ft. the CEO of Mind charity, Paul Farmer
Show Notes

In this episode, Team YOD were privileged to speak to one of the leading voices in mental health today - the CEO of the Mind charity, Paul Farmer. 

We explore: 

  • Where society's mental health is today, drawn from Mind & YOD's experiences - & who the  vulnerable sections of society are
  • The huge increased demand for NHS mental health services resulting in a waiting list of 1.6m+ people 
  • The impact of this on GP demand & workloads - and how they can most effectively address this both in virtual & face-to-face consultations 
  • Why doctors still struggle to seek their own mental health support - incl. stigma, the archaic hierarchy, medical school training habits & the aura around doctors preventing them from being their true selves
  • The pivotal role of organisations via leadership, visibility of mental health champions & tailored support - & the challenges for a vast & fragmented organisation like the NHS
  • Post pandemic positives incl. greater curiosity & awareness of own mental health, reduced stigma & heightened sensitivity in looking out for others 
  • The need for innovation incl. the need to put prevention as a priorit
  • The current & future role of policy and government support in creating systematic change
  • A reflection on what is to come: the challenges of the huge fallout from the pandemic - alongside the opportunity to reshape our personal & organisational agendas to place mental health & wellbeing at the forefront, for which YOD is proud to drive forwards for doctors

This episode is:

Hosted by Dr Mark Seaman 👨‍⚕️, GP Trainee & YOD Trustee - & Chris Cherry 🍒, our resident psychotherapist

Sponsored by #FirstRespondersFirst - who we are privileged to partner with to support doctors' mental health globally.

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It is worth noting that this is a conversational piece and the opinions and views are of those in this discussion in its own context at that time of the recording. You Okay, Doc? is a charity supporting the mental health and wellbeing of doctors.  Throughout our podcasts, we discuss issues affecting physical, emotional and mental wellbeing that at times some may find upsetting, if you find yourself affected by these please seek professional help.

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